Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Miniatures green house for sale 1:12

I posted them on Etsy.

Shoes painting

I looking for good quality shoes to paint on. For now I got keds, converse high top, and vans. Man...good shoes are expensive! ! I see a lot of cute shoes with printed on. There are like 60-75 dollar average. Plain canvas shoes are around 30-40 dollar ( I don't means no name shoes 10-15dollar). I'm one of the people who spend money on comfortable shoes since I'm going to be on my feet for long time. I will start painting shoes from today. I got 2 pairs to be paint. If anyone interested, comments me.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Black Horse

I told a lot of people I normally don't painted horse because it's doesn't come out the way I want it. After try to convinced myself for 15 minutes, I paint these picture. Lol

After a craftshow.

Yesterday I went to Silverton Hotel for a craftshow. It's nice weather until 4pm. It got so hot. I was at my outdoor booth. I got to handout a lot of my business card. I'm happy with result. Most of my stuff are custom paint, so I don't really expect to sell there. I got to know a few nice craft vendors too. Good experience. I plan to do another show next month or in August. Since I have to fly to Thailand in June and July. Let's see what will happen.

Made a new paint vdo

Just made this video for my Etsy shop . Finally I found the way to show my VDO of how I painted.  Well, it's digital paint on my phone, but you know it's show step by step of how I painted. Go to my etsy store . There are VDO of picsart.  Enjoyed!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Busy for 4 more days before craft show

I'm really busy tried to make more painting on bags and wood sign. I hope I make enough for this coming up Sunday. See you there if you plan to go Silverton Hotel las vegas. Its 10am-5pm . Free for public. Craft show run every 2 weeks on Sunday. More details at

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Prepare for custom fabric

I painted so many pictures, but I can't really shared them here since they will be custom printed on products to sell later. I got one of on progress picture. Theme of painting is princess. Love it so far. Too bad I can't post VDO of my painting here.

Project princess

I draw using my new app. It's call Pic art. I use stylus on samsung galaxy note 4 for sketch. I really this app. Consider as free and a lot of free options. The app is very similar to photoshop. If you use photoshop before, this app will be very easy to use. I recommend.